Sri Yantra


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Hand-made by Jason Adams.


Sri Yantra – The Supreme Goddess. Sri encompasses all that exists in the material plane. All that manifests is an expression of Her beauty. By meditating upon Sri, the cosmic order underlying existence is revealed. This yantra represents pure creative energy.


Yantras are sacred geometric designs containing the energy of a particular deity or planet. Each design enhances a specific quality within, such as love, forgiveness and strength. The yantras are ancient forms handed down to use for healing by the Tantrics of Ancient India to uplift the energy in your home environment.

To prepare a yantra is a sacred healing practice. To gaze at a yantra is a powerful healing form of meditation, and to propitiate the energy of a yantra by placing it on a specific wall within your home can have a tremendous effect on the wellbeing on all who live there.