Immune Support – Vibrational Water energy healing tincture


Immune Support (Crystal Essence Tincture) • Strengthening Your Immune System

Infused with the mantra Oushadhim Jahnavi Toyam Vaidyo Narayana Harihi (Water touched by the Spirit of God is the best medicine, because God is the best doctor.)

“The first time I took Immune Support, within 6 or 7 hours, I vacated my bowels. I mean…LIQUIDATED. Interestingly enough, my BodyTalk doctor, and also another energy healer I work with, both had pointed out that the valve that goes between the small intestine to the large intestine–that there was a blockage there; fecal matter or something is blocked here. Well, after I used Immune Support…that block I think was gone.” – J.D.

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